Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Off to St. Mikes I go.

I'm being admitted to St. Michael's Hospital. Booo!!!

Clearly my CF clinic visit today did not go very well. My lung function was down and the doctor said since I just finished a course of oral antibiotics two weeks ago, it was time to bring out the big guns (or meds, in this case).

They wanted to admit me immediately but since there were no beds available anywhere in the hospital, after waiting for 5 hours, they gave me the option to either go to the emergency room and be admitted through there (but the lack of beds means I would be in the general emerg section all night), or go home for the night and hope there is a bed in the AM. So obviously, I choose the second option.

If there is still no bed available in the morning, I'm off to emerg to wait it out there. The Dr said there is little chance of getting a room in the respirology wing as no one is leaving there soon but they would try to shuffle people around to put me in a good second option.

Fingers crossed on someone being discharged tonight because spending all day/night in emerg tomorrow sounds like a nightmare. Plus imagine the germs in that place *shudder*.

The doctor seemed quite panicked about letting me leave for the night but since I promised to rush to emerg if anything changed, she let me go. Her intensity made me feel like I should be more worried about my health but I'm not. I honestly still feel better than I did over the weekend and freaking out will do nothing to help my body. I'm just happy that I get one last home cooked meal and sleep in my bed before being admitted.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not feeling too bad emotionally about having to be admitted. Clearly, it's not my first choice and I would rather be at home but it makes sense treatment-wise. My lungs have been on a steady decline since June and strong oral antibiotics haven't helped on a long term basis. So, hopefully, the IV meds will help give my lungs a boost until I get my transplant.

The two major bummers are that David and Cindy are visiting this weekend so their Toronto vacation is going to be very hospital-oriented and that we have tickets to the Book of Mormon musical in two weeks and I doubt I'll be out by then. I can't do anything about David and Cindy's trip but hopefully my IV schedule can work around a 3 hour outing so I can see the show. However, there is nothing I can do about it right now as I'm not even at the hospital yet.

The one tiny silver lining in all of this is that once I'm admitted, I move from priority 1 to the priority 2 (weirdly, the higher) grouping. Better chance at getting lungs! Maybe the angry oxygen man that I met when I first arrived in Toronto was right about people only getting lungs after having a serious infection. Let's hope he is right about this one thing!

I guess I better start packing my bags for tomorrow. Urgh.


~G said...

Good luck alley! We'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted.:-)

Sue said...

all the best Alley! we are rooting for you and the fact that there will be a bed waiting for you tomorrow morning and you won;t have to wait it out in emerg. I agree - that would be urgh! hugs and love and tell isaiah to be sure to keep us posted back here in NB.