Thursday, 4 September 2014

Transplant Clinic

I had a transplant clinic yesterday. I have very little to report as they don't actually do any testing in that clinic. I was suppose to get regular antibody blood work done in August but since I forgot to do it until yesterday, the results were clearly not back in time for the appointment.

The doctor did not seem concerned by my drop in lung function. He seemed to indicate that it was quite normal for there to be a 5% fluctuation once a persons lung function drops below 25%. He confirmed that my second echo was indeed normal so the surgeon said no further follow up was necessary. I guess it was just a misreading or glitch or something.

I also agreed to be part of a study that looks at air quality for post-transplant people. They'll bring an air quality tester into the apartment when I'm 6 weeks post to test the air quality in the apartment. The research woman said that they have found a bit of a link between air quality of the living space and the severity of rejection or infection of the person post-transplant. It makes sense really, living with bad air quality isn't good for anyone and it especially isn't good when a persons body is trying to get use to new lungs. She said it's especially true of those living by major roads. Seeing as we live between the Gardiner and Lake Shore and beside an airport, this isn't the best news. Hopefully our air filter works well. I guess I'll find out post-transplant.

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