Friday, 1 August 2014

Happy August!

Happy August! I've been slacking with my blogging, I kind of feel like I've run out of interesting things to ramble on about. It was bound to happen eventually. I haven't been overly crafty lately so I have nothing new to show there, health-wise things have been pretty stable, and I'm sure no one wants a play by play of physio as it remains as boring as usual. A physio play by play would consist of: "Wednesday, the hospital Internet wasn't working very well so my music kept skipping. I also coughed a lot and felt like throwing up, while today the Internet worked fine, I coughed less and my stomach felt fine. Are the two related? No, I don't think so. Maybe I was fighting off an infection on Wed? Or maybe it was more humid outside? It's anyones guess."

Although for something slightly more intriguing, one of the more elderly physio regulars from my time slot, who was quite ill, has not been there for the last two weeks. I'm concerned they have rapidly declined or have passed away. The transplant count hasn't increased from 62 for the few weeks, so I don't think they got their transplant. I don't know their name so I don't know how to find out if they're okay but they were pretty sick a few weeks ago. Of course, they could have just changed their physio time or be off on vacation. Let's hope that is the case. 

My only real Toronto-living news that has been happening has been our search for parking. The person from whom we were renting our spot, rented it to someone else so we had a minor panic last week about finding a parking spot for the start of the month (totally a miscommunication on our part, we thought we had said we wanted to stay in the spot and didn't contact her in time, she thought the lack of communication meant we didn't want to keep renting it). Thankfully, we found a spot for August but still need to find a spot for Sept. The only one we found wanted a 6 month commitment which I was hesitant to do (ever optimistic that we won't be here for another 6 months). However, I think it's all been resolved as last night we heard from someone else who has an available spot and only wants a three month commitment. Hopefully that works out. Appreciate your driveways people!

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Amy Watson said...

Hurray for parking!!