Wednesday, 27 August 2014


For something a bit more cheery than the last post, here are some pictures of the few things I haven't already mentioned that we did with Mom and Dad during their visit.

Went to an outdoor screening of Ghostbusters on their anniversary. The ghostbusters were as romatic as ever.
We went early to get good seats/actual seats, it filled up super fast.
Visited some comptemporary art museums on the waterfront and saw a butterfly.
Spent an afternoon at the BuskerFest.
Watched a contortionist squeeze herself into a small box. I saw her a few years ago at the Halifax buskers but this time she added the challenge of getting a basketball and her body into the box. It looked painful.
And we finished the visit with another sporting event. Blue Jays vs Red Socks. The Red Socks won in the 10th inning.
Obligatory pic of the CN tower from the Skydome (aka Rogers center).

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