Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Back on antibiotics

Well, after another day of doing very little, I decided that I need to should start the antibiotics. I ended up skipping physio this morning as I woke up at every noise last night thinking that someone was coming to kill us. Reading a murder mystery before going to sleep was apparently a bad idea.

I was super tired when my alarm went off so I thought if I slept for a few more hours, than I would feel good enough to exercise in the afternoon. Unfortunately, all the afternoon physio times were booked so I was unable to go. The physiotherapist suggested that I use the gym here in the condo building but after getting short of breath cleaning the bathroom, I decided lying on the couch was the better option. It's been a week since my hospital appointment and I despite all the sleep and tea, I haven't managed to feel much better.

So back on antibiotics for me. Boo. 

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Dave VanSlyke said...

Alley, just do what you have to do - sleep, take antibiotics, avoid stress, whatever. You know your body reactions and health issues better than anyone. Keep as strong as you can in order to best prepare for what you've been waiting ten months for.