Monday, 4 August 2014

I hope everyone was safe this weekend!

When I was listening to the radio on Friday, an ad came on for Canada Blood Services about how the need for blood donation is higher over the August long weekend as there is a higher percentage of car accidents over a long weekend. Instead of what I assume is the normal response of 'oh that's an unfortunate statistic,' my first thought was 'oh, I wonder if that means I'll get my transplant this weekend.' Then I immediately felt bad.

I also find myself thinking that way when I read about someone being rushed to hospital with a 'life threatening or in critical condition.' I wonder if they're an organ donor and if I'll be getting the call. It's a weird position to be in to be waiting for someone to die. Of course I don't want anyone to die but at the same time, I'm hoping to benefit from when they do. While I feel bad about thinking about only myself when hearing about car accidents or stabbings, I assume this is normal for people waiting for transplants and not just a dark side that only I possess.

So, I hope everyone was safe this weekend and go donate some blood this week because people were in car accidents this weekend and they need it.

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