Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pottery course #2 recap.

My second pottery course ended last night. Booooo. I was hoping I would hit a magical time loop where the class would just never end. After 16 classes (in two courses), I still love it. I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because I get to make stuff that is semi-pratical which appeals to my senses in someway.

I can always use mugs and bowls even if they are a bit lopsided. Plus I get to be creative with both the hand-building and the glazing. And if I don't feel super creative one night, I can spend the entire class on the wheel trying to a bowl with even walls and doesn't look like I dropped on the way to the kiln. Some people in class paint fun designs on their pieces (one man drew cool killer whales on all of his pieces) but so far I've found that soild colours have been challenging enough.

I made a lot of Christmas presents this session so as I don't want to ruin surprises, I don't have too much to show. However, there are a few pieces that I already gave away or that I'm planning on keeping as I'm not sure the one tiny goblet or mug would make a good present. I would say though that my techniques have improved over time, the pieces are a bit less wobbly, and I'm slightly more confident with trying new colour combinations when glazing.

One thing that I tried to make that was a huge fail was a french butter dish. I measured everything out and after a few tries, managed to make the inside section of the dish. However, when it came out of the kiln, it turned out that the lip shrank too much so it didn't fit over the bowl part. Argh! Something to try again if I end up taking the fall course.

I called these my circle mugs. They were glazed with old copper and camel and I really like how they turned out.
A tiny goblet I made on the wheel in two parts and then "glued" together. I glazed it with denim blue and ox blood red. I thought it would turn more purple-y but it did not.
I actually made this during a drop in session I went to when my friend Alison was here. It was the first time I successfully made something vase-like on the wheel. It's a bit rough on the bottom which means it most likely won't be a Christmas present but I like it for myself. It's glazed with burnt sugar and dragonfly green.
Inside the vase. I only glazed a bit of the inside with the dragonfly green and let it run down the middle. It made a super cool effect with the burnt sugar that I'm not positive I'll ever be able to repeat.
Another circluar mug with the same colours as the vase. It's fairly small and Mom said it reminded her of a kids cup. I'll have to use it when I only want a small cup of tea.
This is a Christmas present so I don't want to completely ruin the surprise but I really wanted to show the funky texture I made by pressing clay through a garlic press. I glazed it with speckled blue and very light ox blood.

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