Tuesday, 5 August 2014

St. Mikes Apt

Well, the pulmicort bump has officially worn off. I returned to clinic today and my lung function was back down to 22% with a .77 or .79 outflow (I don't really remember). Booo! My coughing has increased a bit over the past few days, especially on any kind of exertion so I wonder if it's the start of an infection. Or maybe it was because I was tired, or maybe it was the weather. Surely there must be a reason other than it being that my lungs are on the decline. I can rationalize this away, right? Right.

I don't have any other real 'getting sick' symptoms other than the fact that a few times this past week, my sputum has been streaked with blood. Even though everyone tells me that it's common for people with lung disease, coughing up blood always sends me into a panic. Not as much since it's been happening with more frequency over the past year but it's still enough to bring on the 'I'm dying' tears.

I was told if I'm feeling worse to take the oral antibiotics that were prescribed to me in May. They are a potent cocktail of drugs so I hope I can just sleep away whatever is happening as the drugs are as bad as the infection. I had a two hour nap this afternoon as part of my new 'sleep my way to better health' initiative.

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