Thursday, 31 July 2014

Halfway through pottery class

Well, I'm halfway through my second pottery session and I still love it so much. In fact, I've started having pottery nightmares where I'm in class and I can't find any of my stuff or time has run out and I haven't made anything. I then wake up all stressed out. I guess it's better than dreaming about the transplant. I've been really bad about taking pictures of what I've made so just picture a bunch of slightly lopsided bowls and mugs in your mind. That's pretty much all I've done so far as I've spent three classes on the wheel and one madly trying to paint everything I've made.

I've had a mug and a bowl that I made on the wheel crack on me which is super frustrating. The bowl I wasn't too concerned about but the mug I had spent a lot of time on. I had added a base, texture, and a handle and then it ended up cracking. Argh. I was told it is either because I used too much water or because I didn't push the clay down enough on the bottom. I painted it anyway hoping that the glaze will seal it off. If not, I guess it will be a mug to hold my keys.

Only 4 classes left! I'm planning on hand-building for at least the next two classes as I have a few ideas from fun serving plates and vases that I want to try. I got some ideas from etsy which may be a huge mistake as I'm sure they're harder to make than they look.

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