Friday, 18 November 2016

Pft's remain up!

My lung function jump from last month wasn't a fluke! Hurray! I had them tested again this week in Amherst and they remained at 71%! It took eight tries to get the same number three times so it was a bit more of a struggle than last month but I got there in the end. I also had the technician who does things a bit more by the book, so that may have also been why it took 8 times.

I thought that I might have dropped a bit due to my headcold that lingers on and on but it was clearly not an issue. Since there is no drop in lung function, the doctor doesn't think it's necessary for me to take anything for this cold. Not that antibiotics will do anything for a runny nose but I still need to be careful it doesn't move into my lungs.

I had been happy with my plateau in the 60% range but now that the numbers have jumped I want to know what I did so I can make it go up again. I need to be happy with 71% but having it increase after so long makes me hope it'll keep increasing. Maybe as I keep increasing my jogging time (I'm doing that very slowly), it'll help my lungs. Or maybe I'll just learn to be happy with it being stable. 

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Dave said...

It's all good news Alley. You are really headed in the right direction finally. You deserve it.