Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Medical week ahead

It's the start of my week of medical appointments. Technically it's only three days of actual appointment but taking place over the next week.

Tomorrow I meet with the hematologist for my quarterly appointment. I'm not sure what she'll tell me as I haven't had any scans. I did have blood work drawn yesterday but I'm not sure it'll show anything even if my cancer is back, unless my hemoglobin is low and then that should be a giant red flag for them. But I'm sure if that was the case, I would've noticed while exercising. So unless everything is running really behind, the appointment shouldn't take very long.

After the hematology appointment, we have a few days in Halifax and have plans to celebrate my actual two year lungiversary. Woohoo! Basically just hanging out with some friends and playing games but I'm looking forward to it. I heard there will be cake!

Sunday we fly to Toronto for my official two year check up. Monday is full of the regular appointments and scans. Tuesday is (what I hope will be) my last bronch for a long time. After two years the doctors only do bronchoscopies on a 'as needed' basis so until I show signs of rejection, no more bronchs!

I'm going to do everything in my power to be super medicated during this bronch. I'm almost positive that I'll cry during my doctor appointment on Monday when I beg them to drug me up as I am almost panicking just thinking about it. I'm really not sure how else to express my anxiety other than to keep telling them about it.

I'm really hoping the last doctor charted about how terrible it was so maybe they'll be a note somewhere saying to up my dosage. My lung function has improved which should mean that they can give me more sedation without fear of killing me. Most people can get through bronchs conscious and aware of what's happening without having full out panic attacks and I really wish I could be those people. I just start panicking if I wake up and can't stop. It's terrible.

After I sleep of the sedation on Tuesday, I'm hoping to have enough energy to go to the Distillery District and getting some of their delicious hot chocolate from the chocolate factory. I know it's 5$ a cup but it's sooo good.

After all that, we'll fly home Wednesday.

I really need to start packing and stop reading my book. 

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Dave said...

Here's hoping everything is smooth sailing for you.