Sunday, 20 November 2016


As the doctor warned me about, my hair is growing in pretty curly. He said that is common for the first year and then it'll calm down a bit. My hair was always a bit wavy but now it's gone almost to curls. I also can't tell if it's darker than it use to be or if it just looks that way as I had highlights before. I have a lot of grey hairs are poking through but I'm just going to leave everything in it's natural colour for awhile as I was told not to dye it for the first year for fear of damaging the new growth. And grey highlights are trendy now, right?

I'm super relieved my hair has totally come back as some women end up with patches or really thin hair. But it is growing very slow. Although maybe it's just the extra curl that makes it look shorter than it really is. It does really spike up when my hair is wet. But I'm just happy to have hair again, it can grow as slow as it wants.

Now that my hair is back, I feel like I can get rid of my wigs. If anyone knows of someone who needs some wigs, send me a message and I'll pass them along. In the meantime, I finally got around to washing them and have them put away. Nice to have space on my makeup table again! 

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Dave said...

Tres chic, Alley!