Wednesday, 9 November 2016

stupid cold

Urgh someone (I keep blaming Amy but she swears it's not her) gave me a cold and I feel miserable. I was worried about this when I started working again so I hope it's just a one time thing and not the start of someone. I thought I had been paranoid about washing my hands frequently but I guess I'll need to step it up.

I've spent the last three days laying low and drinking a lot of tea. I'm feeling a bit better and have stopped blowing my nose every 5 minutes but am not close to being100%. The doctors haven't given me anything for it yet as they wanted to see if the infection would blow over in a few days. I had bloodwork done on Monday so I think that will show if anything is seriously amiss. My guess is that it's probably nothing serious but it'll linger for much longer than I would like as I don't seem to get over any sort of infection very quickly. Having a low immune system isn't conducive to quick healing.

I have passed on the bug to Isaiah so our house is basically a pile of used tissues and tea mugs right now. Visitors welcome! Ha ha.

On the plus side, I have my first 'real' day at work tomorrow! I'll be carting up a box of kleenx and extra hand sanitizer 

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