Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Working again?

Next week I have an appointment with the CF clinic. It's my first appointment with them since my clean bill of health from the hematologist.

I have a few things to talk to them about since my appointment with Toronto, mainly about starting a prophylactic antibiotic as the one that most post-transplant people are on keeps crashing out my white count. The Toronto team didn't seem too concerned about it but it was something they brought up that needed to be dealt with.

The big question for me, is if the team feels that I'm okay to go back to work. Most people with CF return to work after a year post-transplant and it's almost been two for me. However, most people don't also get cancer. My guess is that they'll ask me if I'm ready to return to work. And I think I am...? Not full time, but maybe something on a part-time basis. I feel like my energy has returned but the energy level required to be around the house is different than the one required working. I mean, I still sleep a solid 10 hours every night which I feel may not be possible if I had to get to a job by 8am.

I'm also a bit terrified that I'm going to return to work and something terrible will happen. I'll catch a cold or pneumonia and have to then leave. The risk doesn't exactly seem worth it. But at the same time, I would like a change from my day to day routine. Even though once I start working again, I'll probably soon want a change from that day to day routine. I must say, it has been nice to be able to go on hikes or little vacations whenever I want.

I mean, I don't even have a job to return to. The last time I talked to anyone from the hospital they didn't know if I was even still in the system or if I had been permanetly let go. Technically they were suppose to hold my spot with the hospital, just not my actual position. So I may be able to return to a job somewhere in the hospital system. But maybe not because no one seems to know.

And I'm not positive I want to return to a hospital job working with inpatients. It just seems so germy. The Springhill hospital was really good but it's not like there are job openings for things I'm qualified for everywhere (or anywhere).  There are probably jobs available with nursing homes but then it's the same germ issue. I guess that's the problem with recreational therapy. It's a 'working with the public' profession so it'll be hard to find a job not working with the public.

A research job would be ideal. Because I'm sure there are plenty of those waiting with my name on them.

Anyway, I just have to wait and see what the doctor says. I've had one good scan and everything seems to be pretty stable lung-wise so I don't see it being an issue.


LittleM said...

Is the prophalactic thing Septra? You have to go down my road and skip to the next one? booo... though I'm sure my nemesis drug option won't be a problem for you since its a rare thing what it did to my oxygen. And regarding work.. I feel like thats gonna be my shoes too.. I picked a public profession way back when i was young and free.. and now I think its not the right area to be back in for germyness. Be safe! Hope you find something you love thats flexible and not germy!

Alley said...

Yup Septra! I hope it works this time around and I don't have to take that other drug. I know it was rare but I really don't like any odds.

Why do we all pick public professions! I should've gone into IT.