Monday, 19 September 2016

I had my pfts done on Friday and they are about the same as two months ago! Woohoo! Holding steady at around 62%. I had the super speedy technician so I was done in about 5 minutes. He always combines a few of the tests so it goes faster but its more tiring at the end as there are fewer breaks. Then he usually comments on how fast my appointments are. Ah well, as long as the numbers are good.

I hadn't had my levels checked in the lab for two months as August got screwed up with my going away, but then not going away so it was nice to confirm that they hadn't changed. Nothing had changed with my machine at home so I wasn't worried but it's still nice to check. I was hoping they would be up a bit after all my hiking this summer but no such luck. At least they're holding steady.

While I was at the hospital, I tracked down the HR person who told me that I had been officially let go from my employment with the Cumberland County Health Care system. My actual job had been let go a year ago but they are suppose to keep me on as an employee for awhile. So that sucks but isn't too surprising. That means that if the doctors say on Wednesday it's okay to return to work, I'll have to brush up my resume.

I'm still trying to figure out where I would be comfortable working again. I don't really want to work with the germy public but am not sure what else to do. Most places don't hire for only a few hours a week so I'll also have to figure out how many hours I think I could do starting out. I don't think jumping into full time would be realistic.

Then the problem is also to try to find jobs available. Seeing as Isaiah has been applying for retail jobs while he does his course and has gotten zero interviews, it may be harder to 'return to work' than getting the doctors to say it's okay.

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