Monday, 5 September 2016


We're back from Newfoundland on this very sunny, warm Labour Day weekend. I hope everyone had a great end of August! I guess this officially marks the end of another summer and now it's back to getting blood work and lung function testing done.

I had a wonderful two weeks vacation around Atlantic Canada, first in PEI for a week of sun and sand, then a quick weekend in Alma for a wedding, followed by a week in Newfoundland full of chilly hiking and whale watching. It was nice to come home to catch the end of the summer heat and pick some of the tomatoes in our little garden that the teens haven't yet smashed.

Now to wash the campfire smoke out of my clothes, air out the hiking boots, and get some groceries for our very empty fridge.

I also made it up Gros Morne! But more on that tomorrow....

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