Thursday, 22 September 2016


My CF clinic appointment yesterday was fairly standard, quite boring as I always hope the appointments will be. The only change was that they didn't check my pfts as I had them done last week at the Amherst lab and I guess they figured that was enough. That was a nice change as I hate their handheld machine.

The doctor does want me to re-start the prophylactic antibiotic three time a week and see if my white count can stay stable this time. She is hoping that it crashed out last time because the chemotherapy drugs were still in my system and that I'll be find now. The drug that they use as an option B if people have a reaction to the first option has many more side effects so they really want me to be okay with option A.

The doctor also said that it was okay for me to start working again! As long as it's in a job with no people, germs, strong chemicals, or dirt with not too many hours to tire myself out. long as I can get some sort of 'work at home' gig or "in a small office". I don't see there being very many/any recreation therapy jobs working from home so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

First off, I have to figure out if I want to return to work. I mean, financially it would be nice but I'm also very worried about starting a job and then getting sick, or having the cancer come back, or just not having any energy to do the things I enjoy. There is no point in living post-transplant and spending all my energy at some terrible job while increasing my risk of infection.

So while it would be nice as something new to do (not that I'm sitting around bored at home), I also don't know if it's worth the risk. The CF nurse said that only one of their post-transplant people returned to work as everyone else didn't want to spend their 'extra time' working, which is fair.

I also don't even have a job to return to so it's really not a rush. I think now that I've been given the okay (with a lot of stipulations), if something comes up that I think would be interesting, I'll apply. But I'm not going to stress over finding work ASAP. Not that there is even work to be found. All the things I've thought I could maybe do, aren't exactly looking for under-qualified people, like writing. Or answering phones. Or becoming a baker.

Perhaps I can buy a pottery kiln and become a potter. I'm sure that wouldn't make a giant mess in the living room, right? 

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