Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Hope people had a good long weekend! I spent it spring cleaning which is about as exciting as it sounds. I took a bit of a break on Sat to go to the beach and put my feet in the water. And then immediately put my feet back in the hot sand to warm back up. I was feeling pretty optimistic when I put on my bathing suit that morning.

Even though spring cleaning is annoying, it is nice to have a clean house. The only annoyance is a pesky mouse that's been skittering around. I cleaned all the cupboards, put everything in containers and totes, and hadn't seen any signs in several days so I thought maybe it just went back outside on it's own (this weekend has been full of failed optimism).

This afternoon however, it dashed out from under the oven when I turned it on to make cookies causing me to scream a bit louder than I'd like to admit. I tried fleeing the house from it but then it started to rain so that didn't work so well. On the plus side I now have about 5 dozen pumpkin cranberry cookies ( I decided it was time to cook up the last squash we had saved from the fall, cold cellar FTW) if anyone wants to stop by.

Mom and Dad are having a yard sale on Saturday as a fundraiser for the CF walk on Sunday. So in my cleaning I've also been sorting stuff to get rid of. We have such a big house now that things tend to pile up and, seeing as when we move again it most likely won't be into a 4 bedroom house, I would rather not accumulate too much.

If you're in the Petitcodiac area on Saturday, come to the yard sale! Petty is having a village-wide sale that day so even if you're in the surrounding areas, it may be worth the trip.
A unicycle!
Also, a reminder that it's the last week if you want to donate to the walk for CF research. We would all really appreciate it! There are also tickets for sale for a night and dinner at fancy places in St. Andrews, NB if you'd rather try to win something with your donation instead of getting a boring tax receipt. The tickets are only 5$ and the draw will be on Sunday. It's a great prize for anyone in NB or for anyone who knows someone in NB. I bought a whole bunch for myself so I should actually stop advertising them to give myself better odds. But still, message or email me if you would like one and I'll put your name in the draw!

Here is the link if you want to donate to the walk! Let's raise some money so we can research the hell out of CF! And by we, I mean the scientists, not me personally. Although I have been part of a few research studies. So I guess I do help out from time to time. Big thank you to everyone who already donated!

Win dinner and a night away!

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