Saturday, 14 May 2016

Pfts suck.

I had my pfts yesterday and they did not go very well. Mostly because it hurt when I had to inhale and exhale quickly so my fev1s were terrible. I haven't been doing them at home either because it hurts so I have no comparison as to whether the drop at the hospital would be the same as here. The positive thing that isn't making me panic is that my fvc (total flow volume), done with a slow inhale and slow exhale, was actually up a little bit so my lungs are getting around the same amount of air, I just can't exhale quickly due to my bruised ribs.

I have clinic next Wed where I'll repeat my fev1s so hopefully I'm more healed by then and can get a more accurate number.

I was feeling good yesterday so after the pfts, Isaiah and I went for a walk around the bird sanctuary where we saw a deer and lots of birds. I continued to feel good once we got home and did way too much around the house.

I'm paying for it today. I woke up with the chills and a lot of pain. I took a tylenol 3 and went back to sleep, waking up with an almost-fever. We debated if I should go to emerg and I gave myself until the Tylenol left my system. After the 4 hours and eating food, my temp stayed down so I've stayed home. I'm feeling a bit better but haven't done much of anything all day.

What is this! I know I still have the chemo meds in my system as I still have mild jaw pain and keep getting hot flashes but a fever at 3 weeks post-chemo is going too far. Too far, body! Enough of this nonsense.

I'm driving Isaiah to the airport tomorrow for his big birthday trip and am spending the next few days in Halifax so I really need to be feeling better.

Spot the deer!

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