Thursday, 19 May 2016

Transplant clinic appointment.

My transplant clinic appointment went well. I was clearly nervous for it as I had a bunch of dreams the night before where I was either late for the appointment or that they had hospitalized me for the day. They were not pleasant dreams of me running through the commons trying to get to the hospital.

My lung function was up a bit from last week but still down overall. I took some Tylenol beforehand thinking that might help but I'm not sure it did. It still hurt when I exhaled quickly so I don't think I got as good of a test as I could've. It didn't help that they use a hand held spirometer in clinic which I think is less effective as doing the tests in the spirometry box.

The doctor wasn't too concerned about my numbers as I told her about my fall last week. She didn't send me for an x-ray as she said that even if my rib was cracked, they couldn't do anything about it anyway so as long as it was slowly feeling better, she was okay with that. I did get a call from my Toronto coordinator asking why my numbers were down so much. Oops.

My aerosol mask has been stopped. Hurray! I can now, once again wake up and just roll out of bed without spending a half hour doing a mask. The doctor wants to stop my antifungal and antibiotic but she needed to confirm with the Toronto team first. She also restarted a few of my other meds that were stopped when chemotherapy was started. The only other change is that after next week my bloodwork will be done once a month. Yay for less pokes!

All in all, a good clinic visit. They say I'm ready to visit Toronto for my year and half assessment so now I wait to hear from Toronto about a date. It was nice to have a hospital visit that was routine and a bit boring.

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