Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I'm still here! I've had a rough few days since being home. I had my PICC line pulled (yay!!) and made it home on Friday. I was psyched to be home even though I was having my emotional chemo side-effect days on Friday/Saturday where it took very little to make me cry. I cried at anything. I mean anything. Buying the wrong flavour chips, not being able to find a blanket, dropping my pills. It was buckets of tears for two days.

And then, on Saturday evening, while carrying in the wee little plants that I'm starting, I tripped and faceplanted on the concrete step. Plants went flying, my chin bashed into the step, and my ribs seemed to have caught on the corner.

So that helped my emo chemo days. Isaiah had to clean me up between my tears and threats when he put alcohol on my scrapped hands. I was vigilant with ice packs and I think I'm okay overall. I have a giant goatee bruise and my ribs still hurt when I move but I'm slowly feeling better.

I have a lung function test on Friday and I'm a bit nervous as to how it'll go seeing as it hurts when I breathe super deep. I have three days to heal but I'm not sure if it'll be enough. I may have to drug up beforehand. 

Goodbye PICC line!

Goatee bruise! I'll save you the trauma and not post the pic of my bloody hands.

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