Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hospital stay in 5A

Still hanging out in 5A. Nothing new has happened besides the doctors trying to bump up my immune system. I got two units of blood this morning as my hemoglobin had dropped so much (thank you blood donors!). Hopefully that'll give me some more energy. My cultures have yet to return which is good, the longer they take to come back, the greater chance that they'll end up being negative. The only confirmed swab was a neg for shingles, which does not surprise me. Flu and infection are still pending.

The infectious disease resident today was very interested in the lingering rash on my hands and lips. It feels like a terrible sunburn but as I was barely out in the sun last weekend, I'm not sure how that even happened. I keep trying to remember a change in our soaps, creams, or detergents, but nothing has changed. The resident went off to prescribe me a mild cortisone cream that is suppose to help. I hope it takes away the itchiness at least.

I'm still napping a lot thanks to the pain meds, benedryl, and the inability to go longer than a hour without someone coming in to check on me but feeling better overall. My appetite is back up a bit which is good as long I can get some food from the outside.

Yay blood!

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