Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Day 12 of hospital stay.

Not much has changed in the last two days. They've been surprisingly quiet which has been both good and bad.

It's been good as I've had more time to rest to heal my aching body. It's given me time for the pain to decline over the past two days and I've also gotten some of my appetite back. Enough to enjoy some of the pie that the kitchen sent up to me. Everything feels better when I'm eating lemon meringue pie. The dietitian will be very happy about that. I've been losing weight quite rapidly and it's making everyone, myself included, very worried.

The downside is that I feel a bit in limbo waiting for test results to return and for doctors to make decisions. A bit more concretely, I'm waiting for the gynecology team to make an appearance. They were suppose to show up today but apparently 'no one was in the office' when my nurse called over. It made no sense to anyone and seeing as tomorrow is a holiday, I can't imagine I'll be seeing them before Thursday.

My white count has come up a bit with the help of the booster needles which is excellent news. I'm much less at risk for catching every single bug. The question is now whether or not the levels will stay up without the boosters. My last dose was last night so by tomorrow they should be able to see if it's holding stable or dropping again. They've taken me off a lot of the 'white count dropping' medication so I'm really hoping that it will maintain as it is.

The only real thing that happened today is that they put me on saline IV as my kidney and blood sugar levels were a bit high so they're hoping if they can keep me super hydrated, that will come back down. It doesn't surprise me that I've been dehydrated. I always feel dehydrated at night and don't remember to drink enough water during the day as I'm less likely to think about it while sitting around.

I'm anxious to get out of here, I feel as though I'm just waiting for test results to come back which I could easily wait for at home. Now that some of my energy has come back, I'm starting to get a bit more restless. Hopefully tomorrow I can at least go outside for a walk. I haven't been outside in over a week and am starting to feel the effects. I wanted to today but was scared about missing the doctors so wasn't able. By the time I knew it was too late for anyone to show up, I was strapped to the saline IV. I can't imagine any non-necessary doctor will be in tomorrow so I'm going to really push to be able to go outside for a little bit. Even if I take my IV pole. I'll just stand outside, away from the smokers, and breathe in some fresh air.


Heather McGrath said...

I hope you were able to go out today for a bit, was cool, but nice. I'm thinking you're feeling a little better if you're getting anxious to go home?! Praying all goes well. 😀

helen soucoup said...

I hope you get to have a walk and feel some real air. So glad you're feeling a bit better. Thanks for the blogging.