Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Day 19 of hospital stay (I would've made better titles if I knew the stay would be so long).

Nothing has happened over the past four days. Just blood work, an IV of iron, a mild fever, and a lot of sleeping. The fever now seems to be gone which is excellent. They say that's because my white count is also up thanks to the booster I had yesterday so no complaints from me.

I'm now being told that they've scheduled a CT scan for me on Friday and that I'm not leaving until that's done. Booooo. I was hoping that I could be discharged and return as in outpatient for the scan. Guess not.

Also, the long lost gynecological team has been found. Apparently they were waiting for my white count to become better before putting in the IUD. A fact that makes sense but would've been better if they had told someone outside of their own team. At least now they're going to make an appearance at some point in the next few days. I'm clearly low priority as they aren't rushing over.

And that's all the news. White count is good. Hemoglobin is good thanks to the iron. CMV infection has returned with a negative count so they're going to halve that antibiotic for the rest of the treatment course.

It's all just a waiting game right now. 

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