Thursday, 19 November 2015

End of week three of hospital stay.

Three weeks in the hospital. Gah. And here I thought when I was admitted that this would only take a week to sort out. I was very wrong.

Today I learned that my white count has not been holding steady, even with the every-other-day boosters which is not good. In fact, it's been dropping rapidly so I'm once again at risk of catching everything. As a result, they've called off the gynecology team as they don't want to risk the chance of infection by putting in the IUD.

My hemoglobin has also been dropping steadily which is frustrating. This was suppose to sort itself out when they stopped a lot of my medication and have been pumping me full of IV iron every third day. The low hemoglobin does explain why I've been napping so much the past few days though.

What is happening, body?! Why aren't you making blood cells?!

After nothing happening yesterday, I had a fairly busy day today. It started bright and early with a pulmonary function test. My fev1 wasn't quite as scary low as it had been on my home machine but has still dropped a bit since my last test. Not sure what they'll do about that.

I also had my CT scan today. I had been told all week that it was scheduled for Friday and this morning I was told it was scheduled for 8am Friday. And then a porter showed up around 3 pm asking if I was ready to head down for a CT scan. Of course I was. I haven't heard any results yet from it though. *fingers crossed* I imagine it happened too late in the day for the drs to get the results.

And to finish off my day, I got a blood transfusion to pump up my hemoglobin. Yay blood. Thankfully I have the PICC line so it wasn't painful unlike with the terrible IV. Thank you to all the blood donors out there!

Since my CT scan is over, I'm really hopeful for discharge tomorrow and sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night. That would be fantastic. Also hoping that my CT scan comes back all negative and that my body has been able to fight off everything like the super body I want it to be.


Sue said...

hopefully things are looking up today and you will be able to go home soon. hugs

helen soucoup said...

Wow you don't do things by halves do you! Praying for protection against all the nasty things out there that might like to get a girl when she's down. And MORE PIE!