Thursday, 12 November 2015

Day 14 of hospital stay

Let's start with some good news, I got out for a bit of a walk yesterday which was much needed. Also, the prelim results of my bone marrow biopsy shows only suppression due to medication. There appears to be no other inhibiting factor which is a relief. No news yet from the liver biopsy. I was told it could take up to two weeks, as I was told with the bone marrow one, so the results could come back anytime from tomorrow to a week from now.

When the floor doctor came in to see me this morning, she was full of optimism that I may be out of here tomorrow. Apart from some of my blood work that hadn't returned yet, she said everything was looking good and stable and that she felt I was ready to be discharged with followup. She then went off to find the missing gynecology team who haven't made an appearance since last week despite saying they would be here on Monday.

When she returned with the CF coordinator a few hours later, I knew it was not going to be as positive of a conversation. All of my blood work results had returned and my white count has been dropping since I stopped the boosters. The team had been hoping that yesterday's drop was a one time incident but today it shows that the levels have halved in the past two days. Also, my hemoglobin has once again dropped which is also concerning as I'm not bleeding anywhere.

As a result, they aren't letting me go anywhere until they can figure out a solution to the white count levels. Since I'm here, they're also giving me IV iron in an attempt to help my hemoglobin along. So far, it seems to have done nothing.

Looks like another weekend hanging out in 8.4. Arghhh!!!! I was so sure that I would be out of here by the end of this week as I seem to be just waiting around for test results and the occasional blood work. I guess now I'll actually have to fill out my menus for next week. More pie and chips for Isaiah and I! We'll crank up the heat and pretend we're in Aruba. 


helen soucoup said...
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helen soucoup said...

Hope you get outta there soon....meanwhile demand pie!