Sunday, 1 November 2015

Day 3 of hospital stay.

Day 3 in the hospital and I'm not getting restless yet. I've gotten two units of blood which seems to have helped a lot, at least I think they have. Mom and Dad drove down to visit today with goodies and we went for a little walk around the commons without me getting lightheaded. Yay to that!

I still don't have an appetite though which is too bad as people keep bringing me Halloween candy and the hospital keeps providing me with bags of chips and pies. I'm surrounded by yummy food but my stomach doesn't care.

I'm back on the general admittance floor which means a lot of patients with dementia who wake up at 4 am wondering very loudly if they can go to church yet. Well, that was a one time thing but you get the idea. At least the nurses seem to have worked with people with CF before so know the medication pretty well. My day nurse was awesome and she told me that she had been taught to let patients with CF sleep in as long as possible in the morning. So much better than having a Personal Support Worker yell at me at 7am to get up for breakfast.

Medically, not much has changed. My IV blew out with my morning antibiotic without my noticing so I had a weird bulge of antibiotic in my arm until it was all absorbed. Exciting times here in Halifax.

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