Monday, 21 September 2015

Medication sunburns.

My medication levels are finally back to a somewhat normal range. Hurray! No more fear of bleeding to death from a papercut. My anti-rejection levels were also skyhigh which explains why I've been shaking so much the past week. I held two doses and lowered everything overall and the shaking has gotten better but hasn't exactly stopped. I don't think that it's lowered enough but I'll find out for sure when they get the results from today's blood tests.

I managed to sneak off to the beach on Saturday with Amy and Mom while Isaiah was sleeping (he's been working all nights). Even though I knew I was likely to burn and wore baggy clothes and wore SPF 100 sunscreen, I burned a little bit. Mostly just my hands and I think that was from the drive there more than the actual beach. Two days later, they're still burning.

Apparently, the only option to not burning while being on both the antibiotic and antifungal is to never go outside. Thankfully, there is only one week left of the antibiotic so I should be okay after this week. I've had these types of burns a few times before, the first bad one was when I was on vacation in Bermuda and I couldn't understand why I was burning so much despite all the sunscreen I used. The worst one I've seen though was with Amy who got fried on the antibiotic when we were in Florida. We went to the pharmacy to find something for her pain and blisters and the pharmacist told her that nothing would help as it was a chemical burn. She spent the rest of the vacation wearing socks on the beach and hanging out in the tent soaking her poor feet and hands in ice water.

Thankfully, my burn isn't quite so bad even if my hands are still hurting slightly. An icepack every once in awhile helps though and at least the beach was fun, although a bit crowded. We were not the only ones who thought going to Shediac on the (seemingly) last gorgeous day of the summer would be a good idea. I even went into the water three times! I may have been wearing my wetsuit but I still went in.
The beach before all the people showed up around 1pm.

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