Thursday, 17 September 2015

Cooking: Ground Cherry and Blueberry Pie

I was stressing about my medication levels last night so I took out my stress with baking. After making some cupcakes and prepping everything for today's pasta sauce, I decided to tackle the bowl of ground cherries that were in the fridge.

As I had been gone all weekend, we accumulated a ton of ground cherries. Ground cherries are a small round orangey fruit that are in the same family as tomatillo plant but taste like a sweet tiny tomato crossed with pineapple. It's hard to describe the flavor except that I think it's very yummy while Isaiah is not a big fan. I only have one plant but this year it has been very prolific.

Ground Cherries in their husks. They're ripe when they fall off the plant so it's a race to get them before the bugs. 
As a result of me being gone all weekend, he ate none of the cherries that fell off the plant so there was a bowlfull when I returned. I decided rather than eat them all at once, I would try something new. I decided on a pie.

After looking at a bunch of recipes online, I settled on:

1 cup ground cherries (as that's what I had)
1 cup of blueberries (to make up the difference)
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp water + flour to thicken

Hard to go wrong with ground cherries, blueberries, and sugar.
Mix together in bowl, pour over crust, bake for awhile covered and then uncovered for the last bit, and serve with whip cream (or ice cream if that's your thing). 

I used a store-bought pie shell as making pie crust is the absolute worst and it turned out bubbly and delicious.  Yum!

Mmm fresh from the oven.
Don't forget the cream!


Anonymous said...

FYI Ground Cherries are high in potassium

Alley said...

Better than eating bananas!

Amy Watson said...