Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Yesterday, I felt the need to do something cardio-ish but also wanted to stay out of the sun so I decided to go skating. Mom brought up skates over the weekend when we went to the beach and I got them sharpened on Monday. Springhill has the ice in the arena already and holds free adult noon-time skates so I figured it would be perfect. I even managed to drag Isaiah along.

I was wearing the new (to me) skates and it took some time getting use to them and being back on ice. It had been so long since I had skated that I was a bit wobbly to start. Thankfully there was only one other person there so we didn't have to worry about running over small children. My confidence eventually returned and I started feeling comfortable again.

I tried to do a bit of a sprint down the ice to see how it felt when I started wobbling back a bit. I think the blades are a bit shorter than my old hockey skates as I suddenly had nothing to hold me up. And down I fell. Hard. On my tailbone. I also, stupidly, put my hands out to break my fall and managed to land on my wrist too.

It hurt. I noticed my wrist a lot more than my tailbone at the moment but, as you may remember, my tailbone was quite bruised post-transplant and took a long time to heal so I'm a bit concerned for it. I managed to get back up and after a short break to make sure nothing was broken, went back on the ice.

After the pain got to be too much, I had to stop and Isaiah helped take off my skates and drove me up to emerg to make sure my wrist wasn't broken. It's not. I did manage to pull a tendon in my thumb though and it hurts like hell whenever I try to do anything with it.

I wrapped it up, took a Tylenol, and went to yoga last night but couldn't do anything that involved a wrist motion. I spent a lot of time in child's pose. It was fantastic. My tailbone pain has been the worst though as there is not much that can be done about it other than to give it time and try not to sit on it too much. I hope this all heals quickly, at least I didn't get a sunburn!
Skating along happily until I became too ambitious.

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