Sunday, 6 September 2015

Finished this round of aerosols

I had my last aerosol of my antibiotic Friday night. It's once again so nice to wake up and be able to get out of bed without having to do a mask. It's even better to be able to go to bed without realizing that I had forgotten to do my mask and then have to stay up for another half hour. I still have my weird cough though so I feel as though I'll be back on it pretty soon. They usually do a three month run of the stuff so I'm realistically expecting to be stuck with it for another two months.

While it sucks, I'm not complaining because I had a nice break without aerosols and I will do pretty much anything to stay as healthy as possible. I imagine it would be more stressful for someone who hadn't had to deal with aerosol masks their entire life. Sadly, it's very much like falling into an old routine for me when I'm on them. But better because it's only one aerosol mask instead of the two I was on pre-transplant. Yay for small victories.

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