Friday, 11 September 2015

The meds have arrived.

I finally got my antibiotic and anti-fungual and sorted them out to work with my other medication. It seems as though they all interact wildly with each other. Thankfully, the pharmacist wrote it all out for me so it didn't take that long. I do have to decrease my dosage of pretty much everything as the anti-fungual wildly increases absorption rates. It also wrecks havoc on the liver so I have to make sure to stay as hydrated as possible. Seeing as I'm pretty much always borderline dehydrated, this is going to be a challenge. 

I've taken two doses of the meds and so far the only side-effect was that I was a bit dizzy this morning although that may have been because I was up most of the night not sleeping for some strange reason. I'm off to PEI for a wedding over the weekend and hoping none of the other side-effects kick in while I'm there. Sorry to my cabin mates if they do!
I'm hoping for more PEI sunsets like this one instead of all rain.

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