Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Halifax clinic.

It hasn't exactly been my weekend. I had what I thought were medication side effects most of the weekend with nausea and dizziness. They changed a lot of my medication mid-last week and I've been feeling the effects. I don't think it's directly related to the antibiotic/antifungual but that sure isn't helping. I did manage to get away for a little hike on Sunday which was a lot of fun but that was about all.

Yesterday, was my first clinic appointment in Halifax in over two years. It was nice to be back in a clinic where I've known the medical staff for over 10 years. I now go on 'non CF' days as they don't want me to be contaminated by other peoples' germs. It ended up being a long appointment as they reviewed my transplant history. I really should've written down everything on a horrible calendar of events every time I got an infection or needed blood work so I could relay dates with more confidence. How long was my antibiotic need in May? I don't remember. I'm trying to block that out.

Other than the review, I had a very long visit with the dietitian who is working hard at getting my sugars back to regular numbers. I have full blown CF-related diabetes with a side of medication-induced diabetes. I'm now taking insulin before most meals and checking my sugars a million times a day. It's all very annoying. I hope it will level off at some point so I no longer need the daily phone calls with the dietitian but until then, at least she is working hard at figuring this out for me.

The other fun/scary news was that my hemoglobin levels were low and my bloodthinner levels are back to even higher rates. I got a call from the Amherst blood lab on my way to Halifax informing me that I had 'abnormalities in my blood work' and to go see a doctor. I also got a call from my family doctor to make sure that someone saw my blood work. And then another call from the Toronto clinic to inform me about my blood work. I know, everyone! Thanks for calling.

My low hemoglobin levels does explain why I've been dizzy the past few days but since I'm not actively bleeding from a gushing wound, I, and the doctor, don't know why it's suddenly dropped. I'm getting the bloodwork re-tested tomorrow morning and hopefully it'll be back up otherwise they're going to have to start doing the 'are you bleeding internally' testing. And that sounds like a horrible experience. I hope eating steak and taking a bunch of iron tablets is enough.
Sunny Halifax.

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