Thursday, 9 July 2015


I started a little garden! Well, not so much a garden as a few planters of veggies. I'm too late to go all out but it's nice to have a few things growing. I picked up what I think is a pepper and zucchini at the garden center. They were clearing things out and had very little selection so I went with the two plants that didn't look dead. They've really perked up this past week with all the sun and heat.

I also got some lettuce transplants from my parents over the weekend when they thinned their lettuce rows. I planted some more lettuce peas from seed even though I'm not confident that there is enough time to get much from them. I having nothing to lose though as the seeds are my parents leftovers (thanks for letting me raid your seed stash!) and I had extra Supersoil.

I now have to wear a mask while working with dry soil. Probably also with wet soil but the dry stuff is more dangerous as it blows around a lot more. There are fungi that live in dirt that aren't pleasant for lungs so it's recommended to both water the soil (if it's dry) and wear a mask. While I'm not super concerned about stuff in Supersoil, I still picked up some masks and strapped one on while planting everything. It's hot and annoying but it doesn't hurt to be cautious. The last thing I need is a fungal infection because I wanted a pepper from the mystery plant.

It's mostly likely a pepper but what kind? Fingers crossed on hot pepper.
Peas and lettuce. I remain hopeful.
The transplanted lettuce. A few died but the rest are holding on.
Zucchini in a pretty Ten Thousand Villages planter.

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