Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Why are we in Springhill??

"Why in the world did you move back to Springhill?"

That is the question' I've been getting from everyone from friends to hospital staff to the people I vaguely know who I run into the drug store. Why would we move back to a town where we really don't know anyone, have no job at the moment, and have no real reason to be here?

My answer is always something along the lines of "well....I don't know, we needed to be in NS and didn't really know where else to go."

That's pretty much the reason. We have to be in NS for their kickass health care and while Halifax was tempting due to friends, the cost of living was higher than we could really afford. So here we are. Honestly, it really isn't much more than we really didn't know where else to go. We could've gone to another small town closer to Halifax but this place is at least close to family in NB and reasonably close to Halifax.

Technically I think we moved back to Springhill because I have some hope about being employed again by Cumberland Health (I'm still talking to HR but it looks hopeful) once I get cleared from the doctor. However, seeing as that doesn't look like that will happen until at least Sept or Dec, there was no real reason to move here until I'm actually once again employed.

It's not as though Springhill is a horrible location. Yes, it's small town and yes, there isn't much cultural events but it's not as though we both grew up in booming metropolis' and need constant entertainment. We've been pretty much on the go every day since moving here so we aren't exactly bored wondering what to do with ourselves. Perhaps eventually we'll make a friend or two in the area to have games nights and somewhat of a social life. Until then, we'll keep going for hikes and making friends with the trees.
Springhill has kickass sunsets.

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