Saturday, 11 July 2015


My knee has been feeling much better but I still asked the family doctor to check it out last week. It's mostly been feeling better because I've been babying it. But I haven't tried to run on it again out of concern of hurting it again. The doctor declared that the tendon was slightly inflamed and to continue icing and wrapping it but there isn't much more I can do.

I've been cycling a lot around the hills in the area. On Wed I did a longer ride down what ended up to be a long dirt road. I don't think that will become a regular route for me and Isaiah came and rescued me at the bottom of the hill. Today, however, I managed to get myself all the way home! I did a shorter loop so I still had energy for the hill at the end.

We tried to go for a good hike today but the first one was super overgrown and our second option had no spot to park due to construction so we ended up walking down the trail in Oxford. It was so hot out that even that was enough of a hike for us. Plus we found a lot of wild strawberries so I mostly just ate strawberries along the way.

Because I've been biking, hiking, and kayaking (once), we've decided against joining the gym for the summer. I also set up a exercise space in the little sunroom to do weights and stuff. I'll probably look into the gym again in the fall when it gets too cold for biking.

Some activity pics from the past week:
Little gym area.
Dad and Isaiah trying to beat the rain in Shediac. It was sunny when I went out.
After our long walk on the beach out by Heather's Beach.

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