Monday, 27 July 2015

Vaca Pics.

Some vacation pictures! Although to be honest, it felt less like a vacation and more like a 'visit everyone and get our stuff back' trip (which we did, our house is pretty much now fully furnished!). In the few minutes we had to relax, we did manage to visit the beach and wander around a bit. It was nice even though it wasn't quite the 'read books and sit by the lake' type trip I had been envisioning. Perhaps that will be the family PEI trip in August. Maybe...?

First night, Amy and I went for a little horseback ride.
Cody came along to flush out all the birds hiding in the bushes.
It was a beautiful night for a horseback ride.
Off to the beach in PEI before it rains!
The next day was raining so Cody stayed inside for belly rubs.
Off to Yarmouth! We spent a hour on the beach and not in the freezing water.
A quick dip in the lake by the camp one night after our short paddleboat ride.
Beautiful lake sunset which we watched while our campfire got s'more ready.

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