Friday, 10 July 2015

Yardsale project

We're pretty much all moved in! We got a lot of our furniture today and will get some chairs over the weekend so we can stop sitting in camping chairs. It's all coming together slowly. We've also been hunting yardsales for a few things we've been missing. Mostly for small desks, lamps, and end tables.

I did find a lamp at one yard sale but decided to try and spruce up the 70s vibe. I painted the shade with some of my parents leftover chalk paint to cover up the orange/brown. It seemed to work fairly well even though I think I watered down the paint too much and it warped the paper a bit. It also got slightly crushed on the way here from Petitcodiac. I'm not sure how much light it would've originally let through but with the paint added on, it's not a very bright or useful lamp so we may invest in a new shade afterall.

Our 70s corner in full force.

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