Friday, 6 March 2015

Niagara Falls!

Road trip to Niagara Falls! We went yesterday with my cousin and was able to check off one thing on my 'Toronto-area activities to-do post-transplant' list. I was always too nervous to go pre-transplant as while it's technically within a two hour drive from Toronto, the traffic is always busy that way and I was afraid of getting the call while stuck in traffic out there. It was cold but lovely with all the ice and snow. It was also great to get out of the city for the day.

Winter Falls!
Snow build up.
The American Falls look more impressive in the winter.
Super frozen.
A day not at the hospital, yay!
We drove to the whirlpool as none of us could remember having visited it before. It was not as whirlpool-y as expected.


Heather McGrath said...

Nice pics! Looks like you all had a great road trip!

helen soucoup said...

I always wanted to see the falls in winter, maybe one day. Glad you got to escape for a bit! On the weekend in Moncton we talked about PEI in the summer and there were lots of smiles with the idea that you both will be there too. It was a lovely service for Shirley, great to see the siblings together and fun to see you via FaceTime, the stories by Shirley reminded me of you, especially the funny side of serious stuff. I think Shirley would have liked it all, silly we do this stuff after someone is dead.