Thursday, 26 March 2015


Everything was finally sorted today and I've been able to return home, hurray! The delay from yesterday was that the medication was not actually in at the pharmacy so I had to wait for the shippment to arrive. And it arrived this morning!

After a lecture from the pharmacists and having to convince him that we knew what we were doing with the medication, we gave him all of our money and fled as quickly as possible.

The plan is to have homecare mix the medication daily, set up for my afternoon dosage, and I'll infuse the other two daily doses myself. They don't want me mixing the medication for some reason but are okay with my administering it to myself. It seems silly to me that they don't trust me to put a vial of water into a vial of powder but I was not going to argue if it meant I could leave.

It's wonderful to be home, I had a much needed three hour nap in the afternoon once the homecare nurse left. I may not be able to get to sleep tonight but it was worth it. 


Heather McGrath said...

So glad you're home again! Enjoy your weekend! 😄

Dave VanSlyke said...

So glad to hear that you are home! Now the trick will be to stay there as you settle in to your new normal.