Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Stupid Antibiotic

The new antibiotics have kicked in. Either that, or I'm starting to get sick. Yesterday, was much more hectic than I had expected. That seems to be a common theme to my life these days, either hectic days or ones where I have absolutely nothing planned. Rarely is there anything in between.

The homecare nurse surpringsly arrived at 8 am as we were getting ready to leave for the hospital which threw off the morning schedule. I find it really hard to say no when they call to say they are basically at the door and could they please come now instead of later. It hasn't happened too often but it is still inconvenient some days. Thankfully, the nurse flew through the dressing change in time for us to join the morning traffic.

The delay meant I was super late for my pft appointment so I wasn't able to do the entire lung function set as the glass box was 'contaminated' by someone else with CF (yay!!!). They have a policy there of scheduling people with CF a half hour apart sounds great until but it's not practical when there are people like me who end up being 45 minutes late for their appointment.

I assume the policy is so people with CF a) don't run into each other in the waiting room and b) their germs have time to dissipate a bit before the new person arrives. I mean, we all then go on to use the same elevator and eat at the same cafeteria with everyone else and their random germs. The infectious control people can't win when it comes to applying a policy to the real world. I'm more concerned about catching C-diff at the hospital than anything from another person with CF. I can kind of guess who else has CF by their body size and age but anyone could have C-diff. Urggh.

The main reason I feel as though the antibiotics have kicked in or that I'm getting a cold is because during physio, while doing my legs weights, I suddenly felt a bit lightheaded and vomity. I sat down and Isaiah, thankfully, grabbed a garbage can just in time for my stomach to decide it no longer wanted to process food. Any of it. It was quite unfortunate. I'm apologize to everyone else at physio who had to witness that while exercising.

I've been feeling a bit nauseous over the past few days but not to the point of throwing up until yesterday. The physiotherapist quickly tried to figure out what was wrong, quizzed me on everything about my life before telling me to go home immediately. She did not want me there spreading my vomit germs around. I guess that's one way of getting out of the exercise bike. Clearly, walking on the treadmill and the exertion was the cause. Does this mean no more exertion for me? I seriously doubt it, I'm suppose to do a 6-min walk test this week. Isaiah will have to walk behind me with a bucket.

I really hope that the nausea is linked to the new medication and not that I'm getting sick. I threw up again last night while falling asleep but so far today have been okay. It probably helps that I'm throwing back anti-nauseantes, containing myself to a diet of apple juice and starches, and binge watching The Great British Bake Off. One more thing to talk to the doctor about next appointment. Thanks body, for making sure I never run out of problems to discuss with them.


Dave VanSlyke said...

Do they still use that black strap germ barrier at physio? If that works they should be able to make a fortune marketing it to other hospitals.

Sorry to hear about your latest round of illness - hoping that this, too, shall pass.

Sue said...

so sorry to hear about your vomiting escapades but hopefully it is nothing too serious and you'll be feeling better soon. hugs