Thursday, 19 March 2015

I survived the bronc!

I survived bronc #4. Urgh! It was slightly better than #3 but not by much. I was given more sedatives as promised but it didn't seem to make enough of a difference for me to pass out during the procedure. I found it to be about the same horrible experience while the respirologist said it was harder this time. She didn't visit me afterward so I'm not sure if they managed to get enough samples this time. I really hope so. 

I bailed on physio today despite my very encouraging day on Monday. This morning I was still feeling slightly light-headed and hungry from fasting so I thought it wouldn't be the best idea. While I was allowed to eat yesterday after the bronc, I only managed a bit of soup because of my extremely sore throat. It feels much worse than last time. My theory is that it wasn't fully healed from the pH study last week and yesterday irritated the already damaged tissue. Providing that they managed to get enough samples this time, I should have a break from scope-tests until my 6 month assessment. A whole 2 months away!

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