Friday, 13 March 2015

Knitted toque

A happy post: in all the trauma on Wed, I finished the hat for Isaiah! One upside to not being able to comfortably move my head was that it was pretty much perfect for knitting. It's a bit of a funny shape and I'm not sure why the brim is so big compared to the rest of the toque. I guess that's what happens when using random Internet patterns.

It shrank down quite quickly so my fear of it being ridiculously large was incorrect. It is just slightly too big so now he is trying to shrink it with water and the dryer. I have relinquished all responsibility for it from this point forward.

First hat done!
With the rim rolled up as directed...I can't imagine it will ever actually be worn like this.
Isaiah's attempt to shrink/mold it to something about the size of his head.


Sue said...

love the color and I'm not sure what he has it on there but interesting shape! good job ... congrats on your first hat!

helen soucoup said...

Excellent work! Now what? I'm trying an infinity scarf for Esther.