Monday, 30 March 2015

Queen of Puddings: Attempt #1 and 2

I tried to make a "Queen of Puddings" after I saw it being made on the Great British Bake Off. It looked like one of the few desserts I could actually recreate as it's basically a layer of custard, jam, and meringue. It also helped that we had a ton of leftover jam from all our visitors that we weren't likely to use up anytime soon.

However, my confidence that it would be super easy to make turned out not to be true as apparently I can not make proper custard even though I was working from custard powder. Version number one was also way too sweet as I went overboard with the jam layer.

Version One:
It's suppose to be fail proof!
Added the milk and it's okay so far.
And then I overbaked it. There are suppose to be breadcrumbs to mix in with the bottom layer but we were out of bread that day so I just eliminated it. 

And then I added way too much jam. When they say 2-3 Tbsp, they mean it. I think warming the jam before trying to spread it on would've helped.

Added meringue and baked again, It looks so delicious!

And then I cut a piece off and realize I had made jam soup. This is why you only use the 2 Tbsp of jam.
Once it had cooled it was less of a mess but still way too sweet.

Attempt #2.  Pretty much the same thing except I decided that I should substitute the breadcrumbs with ground almonds. It was a good theory but didn't work at all. It did cut the sugar but added a weird texture. I also overbaked the custard again. Stupid custard. Now I'm thinking it might actually be easier to make it from scratch.

This time I made up a rhubarb strawberry sauce and used the proper amount. That part turned out well.
It held together so well and looks so pretty! If only the bottom layer wasn't so weird tasting.
I may try again for Easter dinner and force the family to choke down version #3. I'm not sure why I want to keep making it except for the fact that it seems way to simple for me to be messing up the custard. It's bothering me.

(Although you should probably use a one from a blog that doesn't also have examples of two failed attempts.)

Bottom layer: Custard and a cup of bread crumbs. Don't substitute the breadcrumbs with ground almonds. Bake at a low heat until slightly wobbly. Best not to overbake. Cool slightly before adding jam.

Middle layer: 2-3 Tbsp of jam. On the show they used strawberry but realistically, just use some from that old bottle of jam in the back of the fridge. Or is that just me...

Top layer: 3 Egg whites. Whip until soft and then add about 3 Tbsp of sugar to help hold the whites together. Whip again until you can turn the bowl upside down over your friend without the whites falling on their head. Or there are firm peaks, whichever description you prefer.

Bake at 350ish until the egg whites are meringue-y, cool for a bit before eating otherwise you may end up with jam soup.  Good luck!


Dave VanSlyke said...

You and Isaiah (and ?) have a lot of "Queen of Puddings" to eat, I guess. Maybe you can share with the neighbours.....

Sue said...

you could write a recipe book - honest,frank and funny! makes me dare to try the recipe...oh and a splash of tenacity! :-)