Thursday, 12 June 2014

Walking Test

I finally did my walking test yesterday, and I've improved from March. Yay! My distance was up from 530m to 585m. I don't really know what that means compared to an average person (I can't find that study online) but I'm just happy it improved. My oxygen levels didn't crash out quite as bad either although they still crashed pretty far. I listened to some pumping music so maybe that helped although most likely it's the new puffer and higher oxygen flow.

The woman who did her test before me, was doing all her pre-transplant testing and was significantly lower than she had been a few weeks ago. So they were making her return in a hour to repeat the test. That poor woman! I found it hard to do my regular physio stuff after the walk test, I can't imagine having to do two in the span of an hour. Her legs must be aching today.

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