Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pics of June

Well, the revolving door of guests has stopped, the pile of laundry has been somewhat reduced, and I've spent three days in recovery sleep mode, so I guess that means it's time to get back to my grueling schedule of reading books and hanging out on the terrace.

Here are some of the exciting things I did this month around Toronto instead of blogging. I think I've checked almost everything off my 'touristy things to do in Toronto' list. The only things left are a CFL game (which doesn't start until July) and Niagara Falls (which is too far out of the city for my comfort level and will have to wait until post-transplant).

I found a colourful sidewalk, it was not quite as exciting as I had hoped.

Casa Loma being so very castle-y and loma-y. 
The X-men must have all been on summer vacation.
Look at the space between the vases. Something to try at my next pottery class. 
I fought a lego wizard.
Alison and I went to a drop in pottery class and I managed to make a vase! The wheel was my friend that night.
Art galley!
Some more animals from the Lion Safari.
I found what has to be the worlds oldest crokinole board at the Black Creek Pioneer Village.

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