Thursday, 19 June 2014


Since my lung function has gone up and my oxygen levels have improved slightly, I thought after my doctor appointment that would mean I could start wearing my oxygen a bit less like I was before my levels started dropping. I still wore the oxygen almost all the time but would leave it home if I was going to a play or out to eat. I was hoping that I could get away with not wearing it while I was being inactive to give my very dry nose a bit of a break.

However, it turns out that my lungs have grown accustomed to the oxygen and lately I feel more short of breath when I'm not wearing the oxygen even if my levels are staying above 90. I don't always feel an immediate effect but I definitely do if I'm walking around or it is slightly humid outside.

I realize that before when I wasn't wearing the oxygen, I was probably still as short of breath but I was so use to it that I didn't notice. Stupid lungs and their getting accustomed to not being stressed all the time. My nose was hoping for a break!

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