Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy Solstice all! And Happy Wedding Day Emma and Joe!! Their wedding was the one that I've been not wanting to miss. The one that I've spent evenings cutting out paper triangles and hearts for. The one that made me wonder if it was worth missing out on life events to wait for a transplant that may or may not happen soon.

I really contemplated going back to NS for the weekend and putting myself on hold on the list. Obviously I decided not to as I'm still here in Toronto, getting text updates, and really wishing I was there. Going back to NS for the weekend, was a nice idea but I think I would always wonder if I was giving up my one shot at the perfect set of lungs. Emma and I talked about it and she didn't want to be the reason I missed out on a lung transplant. It guess if I don't get the call this weekend, then I could have realistically gone. Unless my not going causes some fluke chain reaction, which results in something happening that would not have otherwise. I know, I know, I'm over thinking my decisions again. Arghh!! Where is the manual for the big decisions in life?  

On the plus side of not attending one of my best friends' wedding, more visitors arrive today!

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Emma said...

Love you SO much!!! Thanks for being such an important part of our wedding day from afar!