Thursday, 13 February 2014

Amy and Alley search the CBC building for Jian

Amy and I went to a taping of Steven and Chris today.  We were also on a quest to track down Jian Ghomeshi!

We took some photos along the way:

Waiting to go into the studio. See that garlic bread? It will come out of the oven 'ready to serve' in a few hours.
Inside the studio! The Governor General made an appearance but no Jian to be found.
Steven and Chris were too busy to answer our questions.
The giant Rick Mercer picture did not provide any clues.
Amy tried to sneak into the employee only section to see if she could find him there.
When that failed, she thought pawing at his giant picture might make him appear. It did not.
He was not hanging out by the FIFA World Cup.
His second giant poster confirmed our fear that he really is in Sochi and not here to hang out with us.

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Anonymous said...

Ropes around the giant Rick Mercer? Is that to keep random people from pawing at him?