Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Long weekend!

I'm still here! I unexpectedly ended up taking a long weekend from blogging! Family Day is awesome and every province should hurry up on adopting a holiday in February. I mean, who doesn't like a break for one weekend in the middle of winter? Physio was closed (hurray!) so instead, Amy, Isaiah, and I, along with all the children of Toronto, went to the ROM for the afternoon. I wasn't feeling super energetic so we didn't stay very long but managed to visit the Egyptian mummies, the National Geographic Photo Exhibit, and learned about the design history of Europe.

Then I woke up today with a crazy stuffed nose and sore throat. It's like the snot fairies came to visit overnight. It is possible that perhaps I overdid it with Amy this past week and this may be the consequence of an event filled week. The other theory I have is that I ran out of my daily antibiotic last Thursday and couldn't get any shipped up until today so perhaps in the few days without the antibiotic, my body decided to host a party for all it's germy friends. Or maybe it was because of all the children at the ROM who like to touch everything. I will blame the children.

The plan today is to drink multitudes of lemon ginger honey tea, nap, read silly books, eat soup and crackers, and start up my antibiotic again. If that cure-all plan doesn't work, I'll have to call up the doctor to get something stronger. My head cold made Amy flee back to NB in an attempt to stay healthy (or perhaps she already had her flight booked). I'm sure Isaiah would have liked to flee with her but he is stuck here cleaning up my gross kleenexs and bringing me tea. He is good that way.

I hope everyone with a long weekend had an enjoyable one and that everyone who had to work will just enjoy the Easter long weekend that much more.

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David VanSlyke said...

I'm glad you had a good long weekend but I'm sure that you can do without the snot fairies - GET BETTER SOON!!!

Nova Scotia won't get a February holiday until next year - for year one it will be called Viola Desmond Day (a civil rights leader since 1946).